Safe and Sound: Anti-Slip Coatings for Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms can be a dangerous place and everyone has probably had a near miss at some point in the bath or shower, or when stepping out onto a wet floor.

Slips in the bathroom can result in serious injury. But what's the answer? Rubber mats are unattractive and can hoard bacteria; stick-on solutions wear off quickly. The Refinishing Touch provides an alternative: one that's safe, hygienic and long lasting.

A resin-based slip resistant coating is colour matched and applied to surfaces forming a strong bond. It's easily cleaned and long maintains its new looking appearance.

For Homes, Hotels & The Care Sector

If you'd like to feel safe stepping out of the bath or into the shower, or want peace of mind that your hotel or care home is meeting health and safety requirements and ensuring the safety of residents and guests, talk to us about our anti slip coating service.

Risk minimising, health and safety compliant; our long-lasting slip-resistant coatings can be applied to existing baths, shower trays and floors. The surface is ready for use immediately, so you won't be without your bathroom for longer than it takes to apply the coating.

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