Stone fleck is a revolutionary new surface that gives worktops and ceramic tiles the look of natural stone. Each decorative coating within our range consists of individual flecks of different colours, subtly blended to achieve the natural appearance of granite and similar types of stone. The result is an impression of depth and texture that is lacking in conventional colours, at a fraction of the cost and time of replacement. The entire process is completed within two to three days, not weeks, saving you time, money and the mess of replacement.

The stone fleck finish is applied over applications of our bonding agent and primer and is sealed with a clear lacquer coating. The bonding agent ensures unparalleled adhesion to the original surface. There are is no short cut to a strong, attractive stone fleck surface. The Refinishing Touch's multi-step application (see picture below) delivers a finish that is as hard wearing as it is stunning in its effect. The finish is extremely hardwearing.

The finish is easy to clean and the smooth, non-porous and water resistant properties of the surface create a permanent barrier to moisture. Most worktops and tile wallsare normally completed in a couple of visits over two days and will be ready for light use the day following completion.

We offer a wide range of colour schemes to suit any kitchen d├ęcor. Click below to see the range in greater detail.

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