Chip Repairs with Minimal Disruption

Even the smallest imperfection can be the cause of much annoyance. Whether a chipped sink, kitchen worktop, or a wall or floor tile, it will persist in catching your eye for all the wrong reasons.

Minimal Disruption – Maximum Results

Thankfully, repairing chipped surfaces needn't mean disruption or upheaval. There's no reason to replace entire worktops, tiles or sinks.

Instead, your chipped surface will be repaired in situ. Using a specialist high tech system, we'll work swiftly, colour matching on the spot, to ensure a flawless chip repair that is virtually undetectable. Within hours the surface will be ready to resume use.

Whether surfaces have been chipped during other work or it's down to everyday accidental damage, there is a solution. We'll work on anything from a single chip upwards. It's cost effective and totally non-disruptive.

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