The Refinishing Touch

Why The Refinishing Touch?

Resurfacing is a proven, cost effective, quick alternative to the mess and disruption of replacement of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Performed with the right technology, materials and procedures, the results are superb. Unfortunately, not all repair and resurfacing companies are the same. Here are some of the reasons we use believe that you choose us

Superior Adhesion

Unlike some companies, the Refinishing Touch uses bonding technology to achieve durable as well as attractive end results. While we are not alone in using bonding agents, some other companies continue to etch surfaces by grinding them to create a key. This method is relatively “hit and miss” as any imperfection in, or breach of, the new finish will lead to peeling and flaking, as there is no adhesive compound to hold the new surface in place

Superior Materials

Some operators use low quality white enamel spray paint, while others use epoxy resins, which while durable, are prone to yellowing. The Refinishing Touch uses only acrylic polymer coatings that are specifically formulated for high quality resurfacing work. These materials may be more expensive, but produce outstanding results.

Superior Procedures and Techniques

The Refinishing Touch technicians work to strict procedures processes to ensure great quality – time after time. However, we also never stop learning as we develop new products and techniques. Continuous improvement driven by ongoing education is a core factor in our success.

Superior Workmanship

The best bonding technology, materials and procedures only produce the best results in the hands of trained professionals. The Refinishing Touch’s technicians are fully insured and receive extensive training and follow strict procedures to ensure a high quality job is completed safely time after time.

Superior Service

We thoroughly explain our process, complete the job on time, and do all this without any hidden charges or surprises. In simple terms, we do what we say we will do.

Superior Reputation

We have worked in thousands of homes, in nearly every major hotel chain, as well as carrying out work in countless other types of private and public work places.