Surface Restoration by The Refinishing Touch: The Hotel Specialists.

Whether caused by wear and tear, accidental damage or as part of refurbishment works, chipped, cracked or scratched surfaces will have a lasting effect on guest opinion.

The Refinishing Touch offers a specialist, non-disruptive and cost effective surface restoration service to hotels throughout the UK.

Surface restoration brings surfaces and fittings in laminate, ceramic, porcelain, enamel and acrylic up to an as-new finish whilst protecting and prolonging lifespan. It creates a durable coating to repel grime and bacteria. Work is carried out in situ with surfaces ready to use within hours. Repairs can be carried out speedily, meaning rooms don\'t need to be out of commission overnight.

Slip-Resistant Coatings: Meeting Health & Safety Standards

Nowhere in their accommodation are guests more at risk than in the bath or shower. Slipping over can result in serious injuries that could lead to a financially damaging personal injury compensation claim, not to mention reputation damage.

Slip-resistant surfaces can be applied to existing shower trays and baths. The surface is ready for use within a few hours, avoiding the need to take rooms out of commission overnight.

Arrange your Free No-Obligation Consultation with The Refinishing Touch: The Hotel Resurfacing Specialists

To speak to one of our hotel surface restoration and anti-slip coating specialists and arrange your free, no obligation consultation, please call us free on 0800 9800 900. Our service is specifically tailored to the hotel industry and is swift, cost effective, non-disruptive and hassle free.