Ceramic Tiles

Resurfacing ceramic tiles is a simple, attractive and affordable alternative to the mess and cost of re-tiling in the bathroom. Bathrooms and shower cubicles can be transformed by updating their colour scheme. Resurfacing also solves the problem of grout, which is naturally porous and can become discoloured and mouldy over time. By creating a hardwearing seal that resists dirt and mould, resurfacing makes tiles much easier to keep clean and hygienic.

Professional resurfacing achieves far superior results to DIY tile paints, which lack durability and the smoothness of a professionally applied finish. At the Refinishing Touch, we use specialist equipment and materials to give your tiles a lustrous, long-lasting finish.

Either you can have tiles resurfaced in a single colour, or you can select from our stone fleck colour range to give your surfaces the look of real stone.

Alternatively, if a number of tiles are chipped or cracked, our experts can colour match the repair to blend seamlessly into the existing surface.

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