Bringing your Home back to New: The Professional Fittings Repairs Service.

You invest much into making your home look first-rate, so you don't want to be let down by unsightly damage and wear to window frames, radiators, doors, fireplaces and white goods. Replacing them is expensive, disruptive and unnecessary if they are still in good working order. Restoration by The Refinishing Touch is a cost-effective alternative.

Scratches, holes, chips and other damage to doors, window frames, white goods and radiators all removed and surfaces restored to look and perform as new.

Regardless of the material: wood, UPVC, laminate or composite, a lasting repair is possible that's perfectly colour matched and seamlessly integrates with wood grain effects and textures.

FREE Fittings Repair Estimate

For repairs to your doors, window frames and fascia, call our friendly experts today on 0800 9800 900 to arrange your free estimate.